Spirit Without Walls refers to the Holy Spirit moving among us: through, around, and beyond walls, whether those be church walls, city walls, or the walls of our own hearts.

  • We Value Truth
    in service of Goodness
  • We Value Jesus
    who demonstrates a life of Love
  • We Value Celebration
    expressing our love of life itself
  • We Value Unity and Diversity
    each individual, a face of God
  • We Value Growth
    all things are possible with Spirit
  • We Value Questions
    which open Faith
  • We Value Integrity
    as the expression of Wholeness
  • We Value Creativity
    reflecting Creation
  • We Value Excellence
    giving our best to express our Love
  • We Value Beauty
    as the marriage of Goodness and Truth
  • We Value Passion
    as life's divine energy moving through us

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