Spirit Without Walls refers to the Holy Spirit moving among us: through, around, and beyond walls, whether those be church walls, city walls, or the walls of our own hearts.

  • God. The Divine is a force of Love and Wisdom in a living universe, calling us to greater Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.
  • Freedom. God's greatest gift is freedom. We have choice in how we live, think, respond, and interact with the world.
  • Led by Love. We become what we love.
  • Divine Flow. Spirit is in us and all around us. As we open to Life's Spirit, Life's Spirit opens to us.
  • Afterlife. Physicists tell us that there may be twelve dimensions where we can only see three. Other universes exist simultaneous with this one. While our bodies are located in the world of matter, we have another location in the spiritual world, anchoring and informing us, if we take time to sense it. This is where we go when we die.
  • Breaking Bread Together. When we share food in love, Spirit is present. Sharing with the stranger is doubly blessed.
  • Diversity. You reflect a unique face of the Divine. Everyone has value, and is worthy of love.
  • Regeneration. All life is in the process of transforming all the time. This is the Divine Design. Human beings have the opportunity to regenerate and develop (our souls).
  • Usefulness. We are Spirit's hands. Each of us has a use, a gift to give. We grow our spirits by being useful to others.
  • Conspiracy. There is a Divine Force conspiring to fill our lives with Goodness and Abundance.
  • Open Doors, Open Table. All who love Goodness and Truth are welcome at the table.

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