Spirit Without Walls refers to the Holy Spirit moving among us: through, around, and beyond walls, whether those be church walls, city walls, or the walls of our own hearts.

Spirit is everywhere...without walls...
God's Love surrounds you...
Heaven is in you... Charity is through you...
Come and share!

  • Salons to Feed the Soul are delicious literary events and discussions to ponder life's meaning through prose and poetry. Next salon May 3rd: Paris in its Heyday
  • The Common Table feeds the soul through inclusive celebratory meals in unlikely settings, creating community, plenty, and joy in the midst of alienation and scarcity. God's having a party, and everyone is invited! Watch for the White Dinner, coming soon to Budapest.
  • Hallelujah Flash Mobster Choir of Angels will create moments of connection, worship, and awe when and where we least expect it, awakening us to Divine Wonder. Bring your voice, your dancing feet, and your enthusiasm.
  • Feminine Spirit empowers women to love with courage, passion, and beauty, bringing the Feminine to a world dying of expediency..

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